This immersible course is right for you if:

  • You are doing an internship or volunteer rotation with Evolving Dietitians

What You Get


We teach you step-by-step how to select keywords and write a blog post that ranks high in Google.

Recipe Development for Blogging

Cooking isn't as easy as it looks, especially when teaching others. We give you the basics of writing and sharing your recipes in a way that ensures readers love yours the most!

Course curriculum

Courses to Aid Every Aspect of Creating a Successful Blog

    1. Intro-Dr. Su-Nui Escobar

    1. Keyword search

    1. Write an SEO optimized Outline

    2. Citing your Work

    1. Creating and Writing Recipes

    1. Helpful Links

    2. Creating images for the blog

About this course

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  • 7 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content